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Dr’s Daniel Tew and Donald Tew
Your Marietta Chiropractor

While our family has always gone to traditional doctors and taken our share of prescriptions, I’ve always believed there’s merit in the holistic healing methods that are available too. That being said, I never really understood how powerful chiropractic care can be until my family started going to Friends & Family Chiropractic at the end of May 2010. All three of us were dealing with frequent headaches and taking Excedrin and/or Advil almost every day, sometimes twice a day. Joel and I both had chronic back pain, and we weren’t in the best physical shape of our lives either. Taylor was struggling with school, emotions, ADHD and wasn’t in the physical condition he should be for his age. I was taking meds for high blood pressure, ADHD and anxiety; Taylor was on meds for ADHD and depression; and Joel’s doctor had just prescribed high blood pressure meds for him as well. In short, we weren’t doing so great, even though most people would think we were fine because of the “normal” prescriptions and over-the-counter relief.

I’m not sure what prompted me to stop by Friends & Family Chiropractic in late May – maybe because they’re right across the street from Sprayberry High School and so convenient to where we live. Maybe because I’d made the decision to join a local gym and was ready to make the commitment to taking care of our “whole” selves. Maybe because it was painful to do the things I enjoy like hike, play basketball, play the piano, make jewelry. Maybe because I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Maybe it was one of God’s little taps on my shoulder saying “ahem, are you listening??? You’re not taking care of the body I gave you!” Whatever it was, I’m thankful for whatever made me stop and take action.

Our whole family has benefitted from chiropractic care. Literally, within two weeks of starting with Dr. Dan and Dr. Jamie, I threw away my ADHD and depression meds. I’ve not had a headache since the second week of June. We’ve been exercising, eating right, losing weight, and I personally have more energy than I have had in probably 10 years. I’ve not taken Advil or Excedrin since the end of May. Joel’s back pain has virtually disappeared, as has mine. I can now sit at the piano and play like I used to because it doesn’t hurt to sit up straight on the piano bench! Taylor is outside more and is as physically active as he was when he was playing football.

And our spines aren’t the only things that have been adjusted… our attitudes and awareness have been adjusted as well. We’re all much more conscious of the foods we use to nourish our bodies, whereas before it was mostly garbage. We feel better about ourselves, we exercise together, we play together, and we support each other in all aspects of our lives, including becoming more healthy. Joel and I both cook healthy meals instead of relying on takeout – it takes just as long to prepare something healthy at home as it does to drive thru! Taylor feels empowered and more self-confident; he started this new school year off with a fantastic “I can do anything” attitude. He is more open and communicative, and he has shown personal responsibility for the choices he makes and the habits he forms. All three of us are more “on” – with more creative energy as well as physical and mental energy. But most importantly, we are closer as a family because we’re taking this journey to health together!

Thanks guys – you really will never know the depths of our gratitude for what you’ve done to restore our health!

Love and hugs,
-D.R, J.R, T.G

I was diagnosed several months ago with fibromyalgia. The doctors subsequently put me on a pain medication and muscle relaxers to help me sleep at night. The pain, fatigue and stiffness were being managed with these medications but I really didn’t want to be on anything if i could help it. I started coming to Friends and Family Chiropractic in September and within just a couple of weeks I was feeling MUCH better ! I started weaning myself off the medication which didn’t take long at all and now i am proud to say i am not taking either medication! Even the headaches that i was dealing with just about every day have subsided to my just once a week.

Thanks you guys very much! I feel my health is getting better and better. I feel stronger, have more energy and am sleeping better i feel that its definitely a credit
to chiropractic care.



In the 5 weeks I have been seeing Drs. Jamie and Dan, I can already feel a tremendous difference in my body. Not only has my posture improved, I no longer have daily hip and shoulder pain, I am sleeping through the night again and I have stopped taking 4-8 ibuprofen a day. Making the time to come to Friends and Family three times a week is definitely worth the investment. I look forward to even greater results as the doctors have me on a great path to wellness.


Before I started to come to Friends and Family Chiropractor, I had extreme back pain every day. It was so bad, that sometimes I could not sit on a seat that did not have a back for more than five minutes. I also have scoliosis, which causes me to be uncomfortable. However, just after a few weeks of coming to Friends and Family my back pain almost completely disappeared and I only had pain after a strenuous workout. Also, I can now sit in the stadium at football, or on a bench at church without any back pain. Thank you Dan and Jaime.


I first went to a chiropractor to help resolve some low back pain that i was experiencing. I was 28 years old when i received my first adjustment. My low back pain was quickly resolved within the first few visits. What i didn’t realize then was that the chiropractic adjustment would also resolve my migraine headaches. Up until this time i had been having an average of 1 migraine ever 3 weeks. During these episodes I experienced visual disturbances, extreme nausea, vomiting, weakness and sometimes incoherent speech. I am extremely proud to say that since my FIRST adjustment i have not had a single migraine headache ( 9 Year ). It just goes to show that when you realign the spine and get the nerve system working optimally the body can heal from anything. Thanks Chiropractic


Since the day I was born I suffered with chronic allergies, asthma, ear infections, behavioral issues and bedwetting problems. Every week my parents would take me for
dozens of allergies shots, I was on prescription inhalers for my asthma and by the time I was two years old I had been in surgery twice for ear tubes because of chronic ear infections. My parents were spending thousands of dollars a month taking me to medical specialist, buying medications and special foods for me to eat.
My problems continued throughout the years until I was about seven years old when my parents started seeing a chiropractor. Our chiropractor, just like Friends & Family Chiropractic, was very family centered and understood the benefits that chiropractic has for children. Because of this he insisted that my parents bring me in for care. After that my health issues completely resolved. I am no longer on any medications for any condition. I no longer suffer any of the above mentioned problems, I don’t even get allergies with the GA pollen. ChiropracTIC truly saved my life and I am forever grateful and dedicated to this profession and to the people that it can help!


Chronic Headaches

Before seeing Dr. Jamie, I suffered from chronic headaches for at least five years. I had been in and out of two different neurologists officeʼs and both just sent me on my way with different medications. I tried different meds for about a year with none of them helped. Finally I decided to stop them because I didnʼt want to be on medication in the first place. I started going to a chiropractor in the middle of all of this and his methods were just not working. I guess he wasnʼt “hitting the spot” because once I started with Dr Jamie, within two weeks I was headache free!! Dr. Jamie has lessened the severity of my headaches and how often they occur. When I first started I was going three time a week and now after four and a half months I go one time a week! That should tell you something!!!

Laurel D.

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